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EXCLUSIVE: John Mayer vs Robert Maron Case Dismissed, Mayer Admits that Maron Never Sold Him Counterfeit Rolexes, Maron's Words on the Matter

Just hours ago, Mayer dropped the lawsuit in its entirety. Furthermore, Mayer attributed this action to his realization that Maron was not only an expert in vintage Rolexes, but also that Maron NEVER sold any inauthentic Rolex watches....

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An Exceptional Duo: A Rolex 6239 and a Patek Philippe 2499 Both Co-Branded by Tiffany

Between Christie's always-impressive "Important Watches" sale and Phillips' "Glamorous Day Date" sale, auction week in Geneva is bound to be spectacular. Moreover, Antiquorum will offer a multitude of exquisite timepieces in their auction....

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[ForbesLife] Celebrity Watch Dealer Robert Maron Launches Instagram's First "Pop-Up" Watch Shop

Robert Maron, a renowned figure in the international watch market, has recently launched Instagram’s first “Pop-Up” shop dedicated to watches. On a frequent basis, Maron (@bobmaron) will list multiple wristwatches....

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