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The Truth About Newman’s Own Rolex Daytona

At 15, I discovered Paul Newman’s iconic Rolex Daytona--the watch expected to realize $10 million or more at Phillip’s. The watch that was once not for sale, is now up for auction. And the watch worn by Nell Newman that day supposedly has been in the hands of James Cox for decades. My account of that Southport meeting is just an aside on the upcoming auction of the Paul Newman Daytona. 

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The Watch I'd Put Into A Time Capsule

Let's face it, there are A LOT of collectible vintage watches out there: The Daytona, the Speedmaster, the El Primero, the Tank, the Royal Oak, the Fifty Fathoms, the Memovox, and many other "must-have" watches for the established collector. But what if you could only have one watch? A watch that would remain timeless, hold its value, and still possess these traits after sitting in a time capsule for a few decades....

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