EXCLUSIVE: John Mayer vs Robert Maron Case Dismissed, Mayer Admits that Maron Never Sold Him Counterfeit Rolexes, Maron's Words on the Matter

John Mayer and Robert Maron

Last Spring, John Mayer filled a lawsuit against the prominent Los Angeles-based watch dealer and collector, Robert Maron. The plaintiff [Mayer] claimed that Maron had sold him counterfeit watches totaling $656,000 in value, Rolex constituting a large percentage of the collection. Just hours ago, Mayer dropped the lawsuit in its entirety. Furthermore, Mayer attributed this action to his realization that Maron was not only an expert in vintage Rolexes, but also that Maron NEVER sold any inauthentic Rolex watches, only Rolexes in all-original condition. In regards to the case, this is what Maron had to say, "I'm glad it was amicably resolved." No money or property changed hands in connection with the dismissal. Throughout the case, I never once doubted Maron's integrity, nor the authenticity of his watches. Kudos to both for putting this behind them and for Mayer issuing an exculpatory statement on Bob’s behalf!