Putting an End To the Exclusivity of Vintage Watches: Theo & Harris

On a frequent basis, I get my hands on some pretty important watches. I've handled everything from a mint 6542 to a "piece-unique" 3970P. But a short while ago, I noticed a gap in this vast market of cool and collectible watches. There was a demand for inexpensive, quality timepieces; this demand was not being fulfilled. My friend, and colleague, Christian Zeron was also well-aware of this need for affordable vintage watches. It didn't take long for Chris, a.k.a "Theo," to realize the opportunity present. Soon there after, Chris launched his website Theo & Harris. 

Vintage Rolex Speedking Precision

"Theo" and his co-founder Harris Freedman, a fellow New York-based watch enthusiast, established their online shop to provide the public with watches that are more than just little machines that tell time. They strive to offer an inventory featuring historic and somewhat forgotten wristwatches that, simply, look great! Aesthetics evidently come first and foremost at Theo & Harris. No two of their watches are alike. Most often, they go watch hunting at various flea markets, antique shops, and at all of the charming locations you'd hope to find these ticking treasures. 

What I admire most about Theo & Harris is how they've taken the pretentiousness out of mechanical watches. Frankly, I'd call it a "watch snob"-free zone. Theo and Harris' inventory includes quirky 1970's Valjoux chronographs, oversized 1930's Omegas, and a time-only Rolex here and there. I surely can't complain about pricing--which happens to be more than fair. 

Vintage Helbros Chronograph

Now here's the fun part: Theo was kind enough to share some of their watches with us. Instinctively, I requested photos. And, clearly, Theo delivered. 

Click to enlarge each image.

For further information, visit www.theoandharris.com