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Watching Watches: A Visit With Chopard NYC [With Live Photos]

Today, I met with Chopard at the company's lavish boutique on Madison Avenue. Aside from their million-dollar jewels, Chopard has a lengthy history of producing many of Switzerland's finest mechanical timepieces. Being one of Switzerland's last independently owned manufacturers, carrying on old-world craftsmanship in their watchmaking is a cornerstone of their business. What I focus on here are two watches that I believe are of paramount quality, aesthetically simple yet striking, and deliver superior accuracy and precision.

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FOUND: The Longines Heritage 1935 (The Original)

At Baselworld this year, Longines unveiled an array of watches modeled after those significant to the brand’s past. Among this collection was a superlative pilot’s wristwatch with old-world vogue, but a modern mechanism. Longines named this wristwatch The Longines Heritage 1935. They got everything right with this one, down to the smallest barrel and wheel. The Heritage 1935 may be cool, and I’m not saying it isn’t, but what’s cooler is the original Heritage 1935, before it was referred to by the “Heritage 1935” name. 

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