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The Ultimate Modern Rolex "Set" for the Ultimate Vintage Rolex Collector

Sir Edmund Hillary's 1953 ascent up Mt. Everest was a daunting trek, no doubt. Throughout the perilous journey, Hillary, and renowned sherpa Tenzing Norgay, used Rolex's newly-conceived Explorer for more than just telling time....

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On The Web: The World's Rarest Rolex Datejust Is Now For Sale

The Datejust is my all-time favorite Rolex. Though I'm a bit crazy at times for those killer white dial Submariners, rare pre-explorers and iconic Newman Daytona's, nothing can rival the sight of an unusual Datejust. I am about to share with you a wristwatch so treasured and so attractive in the eyes of any collector, both aesthetically....

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The Watch I'd Put Into A Time Capsule

Let's face it, there are A LOT of collectible vintage watches out there: The Daytona, the Speedmaster, the El Primero, the Tank, the Royal Oak, the Fifty Fathoms, the Memovox, and many other "must-have" watches for the established collector. But what if you could only have one watch? A watch that would remain timeless, hold its value, and still possess these traits after sitting in a time capsule for a few decades....

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[VIDEO] Eberhard Presents: L'Histoire d'un Nom

Eberhard is most recognized for its exquisite chronographs and patented innovations. This Manufacture's history spans almost 130 years. They have greatly contributed to countless horological technologies that are instrumental to so many brands even today. Arguably, they invented the first chronograph wristwatch....

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Photo Report: Christie's New York December 9th 'Important Watches' Preview

This Tuesday, at 20 Rockefeller Center, Christie's will be holding their last Important Watches sale of the year. Whether you're after that early 2000's Journe or late 50's tropical dial Rolex sports watch, the likelihood of Christie's having whatever you're looking for is quite high. 

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Three Collectible Calatravas To Hit the Block at Christie's Upcoming New York Sale

If someone were to ask me what my favorite watch is, my immediate response would be, "the Calatrava!" No, not necessarily Patek's Calatrava...Only days away from Christie's New York December 9th sale, it's the perfect time to point out some excellent...these three watches are being sold publicly for the very first time....

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ForbesLife: Strapped For Time

As men, we do not have many ways to accessorize. There are watches, cufflinks, and not much else. But you can of course bring some additional style to a wristwatch with a strap. Right? Whether it be a contemporary Rolex GMT Master on a vivid sky blue NATO or a vintage Blancpain Fifty Fathoms on a distressed Italian leather “Top Side-Stitch,” a strap is a superb way to give any watch a fresh look. So let’s take a look at the top three most popular strap styles in the vintage watch world today.

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(Photo Credit: Attila Aszodi)

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STORY + PHOTO GALLERY: Christie's Announces The Top Lots At The Patek Philippe 175th Anniversary Sale

This year, Patek Philippe celebrates their 175th anniversary. In honor of this occasion, Christie's will be hosting the "Patek Philippe 175" sale at the historic Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues in Geneva. One hundred of arguably the world's preeminent timepieces, all displaying Patek Philippe's triumphs and rich heritage, will be auctioned off at the sale that evening. As we near the date, I will certainly provide in-depth reports. Until then, I will discuss my two favorite watches offered at this auction--interestingly enough, both have remained in private hands until now. 

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