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The Truth About Newman’s Own Rolex Daytona

At 15, I discovered Paul Newman’s iconic Rolex Daytona--the watch expected to realize $10 million or more at Phillip’s. The watch that was once not for sale, is now up for auction. And the watch worn by Nell Newman that day supposedly has been in the hands of James Cox for decades. My account of that Southport meeting is just an aside on the upcoming auction of the Paul Newman Daytona. 

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An Exceptional Duo: A Rolex 6239 and a Patek Philippe 2499 Both Co-Branded by Tiffany

Between Christie's always-impressive "Important Watches" sale and Phillips' "Glamorous Day Date" sale, auction week in Geneva is bound to be spectacular. Moreover, Antiquorum will offer a multitude of exquisite timepieces in their auction....

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Watching Watches With Luca Musumeci @IWJG-NYC-2014

This past Monday, here in New York, the doors opened to the single-most preeminent vintage watch and jewelry trade show on earth, IWJG. Hundreds of blue-chip dealers and distinguished collectors gathered to do what they do best: display, talk, and trade some of the world’s most superlative wristwatches. 

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