Photo Report: TWA Goes To Singapore

This past Thursday, I was 36,000 feet over the South Pacific, speeding through the air on a jumbo-jet, traveling at almost 600 miles per hour, en route to the high-tech island nation of Singapore. While on my urban adventure in Singapore, I saw an astounding number of new watch boutiques. To my surprise, there were even six Rolex retailers in just one of the malls I visited! It's evident that the modern Rolex market in Singapore (and most of southern Asia) is strong, considering the incredible volume of Rolexes in showcases and the 150+ Rolex distributors in the vicinity of Singapore. Furthermore, Cartier has a massive presence in that area of the world along with many haute horlogerie brands, such as Audemars Piguet, Hublot, and Richard Mille. Impressively, Singapore has an equally prosperous market for small, independent watch manufactures, including FPJourne, Urwerk, Laurent Ferrier, Philippe Dufour, H. Moser, and Kari Voutilainen. In contrast, Singapore's vintage watch market is small, relative to the United States; therefore, prices are substantially lower. So if you're hunting for a vintage Rolex, Singapore is the place to go! 

In this special "Singapore edition" TWA Photo Report, I share with you a plethora of timepieces, ranging from contemporary masterpieces to vibrant 1970's sports watches to vintage dress watches.

A special thanks to my gracious host, D.W., who has been my friend and guide throughout my stay in this beautiful country.