On The Web: A NOS Omega Speedmaster Teutonic

The Omega Teutonic is one of those watches that hasn't received the recognition it rightfully deserves. It doesn't bear resemblance to the classic 145.022 "Moon Watch", nor does it take after the later, retro Speedmaster variants (Mark i, Mark ii, etc.). Despite housing an incredible caliber 861 manual-wound chronograph movement, price-wise, the Teutonic is literally the most reasonable Speedy out there. I have even considered adding one to my personal collection--and very soon I will do just that. 

Endo-san, an established Japan-based dealer of vintage watches and the founder of Private Eyes--an astonishingly-cool vintage watch boutique--has a stunning, new old stock Teutonic ref. ST145.0040 in his current inventory. Seldom do watches make it through decades without seeing some wrist time and, unfortunately, quite and bit of wear and tear. With that said, for Endo to have acquired a NOS Speedmaster in the first place--regardless of the model--is unequivocally impressive.

The Speedmaster Teutonic was manufactured exclusively for the German market in the early to mid-1980's. This watch was retailed on a flat-link integrated bracelet which is similar, in terms of aesthetics and comfort, to the older-style 1039 bracelets.

I will say, the 43mm case diameter is a definite plus when purchasing a Teutonic. The only other Speedmaster remotely close to the Teutonic (again, in regards to pricing) is the Omega Speedmaster Reduced. And do note, the Reduced is a borderline boys-sized chronograph. Now, we wouldn't want one of those, would we? Therefore, the Teutonic offers superb value, from a collector's standpoint as well as the perspective of a first-time Speedmaster buyer.