Must Read: "Collecting Rolex Submariner" by Guido Mondani

Guido Mondani and Giorgia Mondani. 

Guido Mondani is perhaps the most accomplished man in the world of vintage and modern Rolex literature. He has published watch books for well over three decades, and he has amassed an exceptional Rolex collection. At Antiquorum in 2006, Mr. Mondani notably auctioned three hundred and nine of his prized Rolexes, including a reference 4113 Split-Seconds Chronograph, a yellow-gold reference 6062 with diamond markers, and an ultra-rare Panerai containing a Rolex movement. In other words, Guido Mondani is at the top of his game.

Naturally, I have read several Mondani classics, including "Tudor Anthology," "Rolex Daytona Story," and "Steel Rolex." But today I will briefly review their all-time best-seller: "Collecting Rolex Submariner."

"Collecting Rolex Submariner," authored by Franca and Guido Mondani, is the ultimate guide to Rolex's greatest tool watch. For hardcore collectors of the Submariner, this book is a superlative, tangible database. For instance, you can improve your understanding of vintage Submariners by learning more about the early "James Bond" references; you can find expert advice on how to determine the originality of a Double Red Sea Dweller dial or Red 1680 dial. The book even provides minute details pertaining to bracelets, crowns, and crystals. 

The text is primarily comprised of detailed descriptions set alongside accurate illustrations and photographs of each Submariner reference. In my opinion, "Collecting Rolex Submariner" is like an auction catalogue with ten times the information, completely dedicated to Subs. Everything is in chronological order, beginning with the iconic 6204, 6205 references and ending with the fairly new (white gold) reference 116619. There is some discussion of the Rolex Sea Dweller, just not to the same extent as the Submariner--obviously.

This book is so well written that it can be enjoyed by a broad audience, ranging from sophisticated collectors to those who simply want to read about watches. 

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