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[ForbesLife] This Exceptional Rolex Submariner from Cuba Could Be One-Of-A-Kind

Miraculously, in the midst of Fidel Castro’s rise to power (1959) and the Cuban government’s seizure of all personal effects and assets, a Rolex 6536 Submariner–co-branded by Joyeria Riviera–was smuggled out of Cuba. Click HERE to read more on ForbesLife.

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On The Web: Best Vintage Buys of 2014

I'm a vintage watch guy at heart and I can't stress that enough. As you can probably guess, I scour the web on a daily basis--both in school and out--in search of rare and important timepieces from the likes of Rolex, Patek, and Longines. Amid these searches, I must've come across some fabulous watches, right? Right! Oh, and here they are!  

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Time Well Spent: An Interview with Sam Fremstar, a Watch-Collecting Superstar

Sam Fremstar is literally a watch-collecting superstar. Not only because he's the man behind the renowned Instagram account, @Fremstar, but also because he has one hell of a modern and vintage watch collection. If Sam isn't chilling with his buddy Fake Watch Busta or some other Rolex-sporting, walking-watch-encyclopedia type, he's probably on the hunt for his next horological acquisition....

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White Dial Watches From Christie's Upcoming Geneva Sale

Christie's recently released the catalogue for their November Geneva sale. Many of the highlights exceeded my expectations of what would be consigned at a biannual auction, such as the inclusion of many fine and rare chronographs from Eberhard, Longines, and Omega. In addition, a small collection of Stella dial and highly-jeweled variants of the Rolex Day-Date will be featured. In my opinion, the most important pieces of the sale are three exceptional white dial Rolexes: An early 6204 Submariner, a 6610 Explorer, and a 6556 Tru-Beat. 

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ForbesLife: Strapped For Time

As men, we do not have many ways to accessorize. There are watches, cufflinks, and not much else. But you can of course bring some additional style to a wristwatch with a strap. Right? Whether it be a contemporary Rolex GMT Master on a vivid sky blue NATO or a vintage Blancpain Fifty Fathoms on a distressed Italian leather “Top Side-Stitch,” a strap is a superb way to give any watch a fresh look. So let’s take a look at the top three most popular strap styles in the vintage watch world today.

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(Photo Credit: Attila Aszodi)

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ForbesLife [Photo Gallery]: Collector Nick Gabarro's Treasured Submariner

Today, I’ve got a story for you, something that occurs once in a blue moon. Imagine stumbling upon a Rolex as you hike through Spain’s Pyrenees Mountains. Yeah, wouldn’t that be great? Well, it actually happened. 

Go To "Read More" To See Detailed Photographs and Click HERE To Read The In-Depth Story At ForbesLife.

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