On The Web: The World's Rarest Rolex Datejust Is Now For Sale

The Datejust is my all-time favorite Rolex. Though I'm a bit crazy at times for those killer white dial Submariners, rare pre-explorers and iconic Newman Daytona's, nothing can rival the sight of an unusual Datejust. I am about to share with you a wristwatch so treasured and so attractive in the eyes of any collector, both aesthetically and investment-wise: The Rolex Datejust reference 6605 in solid white gold.

Formerly belonging to a prominent family in Mexico City, this watch had hardly been worn and, up until now, had never exchanged hands. The family was mindful of the substantial value and importance of their heirloom, but little did they know how special it really was.

When the watch was brought into Rolex for servicing, Rolex initially believed the case material was steel. In a very, very fortunate turn of events, Rolex's steel-case-statement was controverted once testing exhibited that the case was in fact crafted from 18 karat white gold. Rolex was shocked and amazed at their findings; Rolex even said that never before had they come across this reference in white gold.

This particular example of the 6605 features a sought-after gilt pie-pan dial with a red date wheel. Interestingly enough, this is also the first Datejust reference to have a cyclops integrated into the acrylic crystal. A COSC-certified, 25-jewel, Caliber 1065 automatic Rolex movement is fitted inside its sharp, flawless case.

Generally when I consider a watch to be "rare," I think of a timepiece manufactured in a quantity ranging from as few as ten pieces to maybe a couple hundred pieces. In this instance, there are only two known white gold 6605's. Therefore, a more suitable term to address this Rolex would be "exceptionally rare." All in all, let's just say that this Rolex 6605 is truly a collector's dream. 

For further details pertaining to this incredible white gold Rolex Datejust ref. 6605 and to reach out to the current owner/seller, please visit www.robertmaron.com . Robert Maron is a California-based purveyor of fine and important timepieces who has been considered a leading expert in the watch industry for over three decades.