On The Web: An Omega Speedmaster 2915-1 Broad Arrow

 The Omega 2915 is immensely popular amongst collectors, aesthetically striking, and incredibly durable for a 1950's chronograph. Being the predecessor to all other Speedmasters, the 2915 has attained significant provenance and has considerably heightened in value in recent times. 

While on the Omega Forums earlier this evening, searching for a Speedmaster, I came across KRLYUZH's (@Lunaroyster on Instagram) listing for a tropical-dial 2915 with broad arrow hands. A 2915 offered directly to the public, rather than through a large dealer or an auction house, is indeed a rarity; therefore, I was pleasantly surprised to see a 2915 on a watch forum. Plus, with an asking price of $55,000, this Speedmaster is easily one of most expensive Omegas, currently for sale, in the world.

Naturally, as a passionate Omega collector and fan, I couldn't just scroll past this listing. I read the description in amazement and, subsequently, checked out the photos.

 This watch is by no means in top condition; however, the original bevels are seemingly intact and the dial, which has gracefully aged into a "mocha" hue, is completely untouched. After reading a bit further, I learned that the broad arrow hands are, in fact, original 2915 hands; although, they are not original to this watch. Hands original to the watch would be most ideal, yet this watch formerly had service hands; so it's adequate that the hands are original "replacements." 

A magnificent Lemania 2310 manual-wind column wheel chronograph movement is housed inside this ticking beast. 

If someone were to hand me $55,000 today, would I splurge on a car that I can't drive for quite a while? Maybe. Would I invest in this Speedmaster? Definitely.