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A Vintage Watch Guy's Thoughts On Blancpain's Contemporary Fifty Fathoms Collection

The Fifty Fathoms is, and has been since its introduction, one of the most iconic wristwatches of all time. Every watch blog has given their own historic rundown of its lineage so let’s change it up; today, we're talking modern....

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My Thoughts On The New Hublot Miami-Exclusive Big Bang Ferrari 305

Hublot, founded by Carlo Crocco in 1980, is a remarkable brand that has left an everlasting impression on the Swiss watch industry. Their contemporary designs, once reminiscent of sports watches of the 1980's, have evolved into bold horological contraptions through the use of exotic materials and brilliant hues....

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PHOTO REPORT: Patek Philippe 175th Anniversary Celebration NYC

Watch bloggers, watch collectors, and "watch celebs" convened in commemoration of Patek Philippe's 175th anniversary on Wednesday evening. This legendary manufacture not only held quite an affair at the Rainbow Room, atop 30 Rockfeller Center, but brought along an exceptional collection of timepieces.

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IN DEPTH: Best Five Vintage Buys Under $500

I spend my mornings studying Pateks, my afternoons advising collectors as they deliberate over their next purchases, and my nights writing about literally superlative Rolexes. Oh, and my grail watch just happens to be an A-series Royal Oak. But through all of this, my budget is still limited to $500, and not a penny more. So lately I’ve been scouring the web for something cool, collectible, and worth my while. I’ve got to tell you, this has been one heck of a search so far, and it won’t get any easier, but that’s where all the fun is in acquiring a watch. 

Let’s get down to business: Here’s my list of the best five vintage buys under $500. 

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The Master’s Master Complication

Philippe Dufour is the creator of some of the world’s most unornamented, but sophisticated wristwatches. For my readers who are not familiar with who this “living legend" is, I’ll give you a quick history lesson. Born in the mid-20th century, Dufour was raised in Vallee, Switzerland, a paradise for watchmakers. At the age of 15, he left his home and studied horology at the Sentier, developing his passion while he was quite young (sounds like someone we know?) Dufour had been so superbly trained at his school that he was approached by Jaeger-LeCoultre to join them as a watchmaker, where his mentor at the time, master watchmaker Gabriel Locatelli, helped to open many doors for the young Dufour. 

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HANDS-ON: Contemporary World, Contemporary Beauty: Hublot @Timecrafters2014

As Timecrafters, here in New York City, approaches, over the next few days I’ll have to point out some of the year’s best watches from some of my favorite brands. Today, let’s delve into some of the newest, most exclusive pieces from Hublot’s Baselworld 2014 collection that will be featured at the Timecrafters watch exhibition. Hublot is not only a company of excellence and prestige, but also a company whose technology is worn on the wrists of a seemingly infinite number of athletes, performers, and world leaders. Today, I chose three wristwatches that I can assuredly say will turn-heads.

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