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HANDS-ON: Contemporary World, Contemporary Beauty: Hublot @Timecrafters2014

As Timecrafters, here in New York City, approaches, over the next few days I’ll have to point out some of the year’s best watches from some of my favorite brands. Today, let’s delve into some of the newest, most exclusive pieces from Hublot’s Baselworld 2014 collection that will be featured at the Timecrafters watch exhibition. Hublot is not only a company of excellence and prestige, but also a company whose technology is worn on the wrists of a seemingly infinite number of athletes, performers, and world leaders. Today, I chose three wristwatches that I can assuredly say will turn-heads.

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Rock n’ Roll Fashion Meets Adventurous Horology At MAWW 2014

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to sit down with Leonid Khankin, the Owner and Managing Creative Director of Ernst Benz, and take a closer look at his new line of limited edition, in-store only John Varvatos watches. Traditionally, Ernst Benz watches have always been for the rugged, but sophisticated, guy so they seem right at home behind the vintage glass cases at the John Varvatos New York store.

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Watches in NYC: A collection of Upcoming Watch Events for the Aspiring Collector

May in New York is the Mardi Gras for watch lovers all around the world. Why? Well, in this fabulous month, NYC takes on a watch theme. First with Madison Avenue Watch Week, and then with Timecrafters 2014, I don’t think one city can get any better than this. Madison Avenue Watch Week, or MAWW, is a five day long event, starting on the fifth and ending on the tenth, where, generally by appointment or invitation, watch enthusiasts get a chance to spend some “paradise-like time” with the watches of their dreams. 

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