A Note From the Editor: Come Write For THE WATCH ADVISER!

I began my watch-blogging journey with an audience of 100 readers. My online presence has since flourished. Today, THE WATCH ADVISER attracts over 30,000 unique monthly visitors, and stands, amongst few other publications, as the world's foremost source for wristwatch news and reviews. Apart from presenting horological insight in an easily-comprehensible form, THE WATCH ADVISER also offers a curated collection of highly-collectible, vintage watches for sale on "The Shop.

I would like to give others the opportunity to express their passion for watches through journalism. If you understand watches from a technical standpoint or from a collecting/investing standpoint, if you clearly exhibit an adoration for watches, if you know a thing or two about writing and photography, and if you wouldn't mind doing a bi-weekly or weekly post for TWA, then let me know! 

As a contributor to TWA, you will complete a multitude of tasks. One day, you may review the latest tourbillon from Richard Mille; the next day, you may meet with specialists at Christie's watch department to get an exclusive, hands-on look at highlights before a major auction. Whatever the case, I can promise it'll be fun!

Please submit all applications, requests, and general inquiries to my direct email: thewatchadviser@yahoo.com. Thank you very much!