Show Report: IWJG NYC April 2015

Day two of the IWJG NYC April 2015 show has concluded. Today was well-attended, fast-paced, and successful all-around. Comprised of a vibrant crowd of world-class dealers, many of whom brought spectacular watches, I could not have been more impressed by this gathering. Watches were flying in and out of the cases and the dealers were dealing like there was no tomorrow!

I noticed that Patek Philippe was the strongest brand (sales-wise), as expected. Rolex was on par with Patek--also commanding top dollar. This time around, the contemporary Pateks were super popular (5130, 5961, 5970, etc.). In terms of Rolex, the sports models, particularly nice condition/complete set 5512 and 5513 Subs, were in high demand. Nearly every watch I handled at the show was competitively-priced--although superlative in terms of quality--and I was more than content with the vast selection offered by the 1,000+ attendees. I will note, it was not the least bit difficult to locate specific watches (to a certain extent), again exemplifying the wide range of timepieces to choose from at the IWJG show(s). 

Throughout the day, I found plenty of superb Omega chronographs (33.3, 14360, etc.), yet there were a fair number of 105012 and 145012 Speedmasters on the floor. I came so close to purchasing a 145022 complete set, and I regret not doing so!!!! I spotted a few Longines here and there, including a simple 10.68z, and an untouched Ulysse Nardin stepped-bezel Chronograph which appeared--from afar--as a Longines 13ZN!

Towards the end of the day, as usual, negotiations intensified and the "big" watches began to move. The most captivating wristwatches at the show were a friend's Patek 2497 and his mint condition, full-set Rolex 6542 Bakelite. 

A big thanks to the International Watch and Jewelry Guild and all of those who made it out here today. It's the last day of this show; nonetheless, the Las Vegas show will be held later next month. See you in Vegas!

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