Rock n’ Roll Fashion Meets Adventurous Horology At MAWW 2014

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to sit down with Leonid Khankin, the Owner and Managing Creative Director of Ernst Benz, and take a closer look at his new line of limited edition, in-store only John Varvatos watches. Traditionally, Ernst Benz watches have always been for the rugged, but sophisticated, guy so they seem right at home behind the vintage glass cases at the John Varvatos New York store.

While we were talking, Mr. Khankin explained the labor that is put into producing these watches and how the result is always of superb quality. He also noted that such perfection does not come easily, and that it stems from many years of hard work and devotion. In his case, Mr. Khankin worked most of his teen and adult years to get those desired traits in his watches: quality and perfection. Further into our meeting, I asked him, “What is your purpose in maintaining your family tradition of watchmaking?" Mr. Khankin’s answer was immediate--he carried on the tradition simply out of his passion for watches.


The entire collection is on display in store, including the new John Varvatos pieces. 

Luke Rottman (Executive Editor: