HANDS-ON: Introducing the F.P.Journe Elégante Collection

While collectors may cringe at the concept of quartz technology incorporated into traditional watchmaking, I was not at all dissatisfied when presented with F.P.Journe's highly-innovative, electromagnetic "Elégante" ladies' timepiece collection. As requested by female clientele, Mr. Journe created a line of impeccably-crafted, sleek wristwatches, powered by advanced quartz movements.

A leap into the realm of quartz is an unprecedented transition for Mr. Journe. Frankly, I believe it substantiates Francois-Paul's impressive and versatile watchmaking skills.

For the first time in a very long time, I've actually become fond of a ladies' wristwatch. All variants of the Elégante, regardless of case material, are incredibly lightweight. Furthermore, the tonneau case, a quintessential F.P.Journe design aspect, adds to the beauty of these watches.

The movement is far from ordinary.  Fitted with a microprocessor, amongst other high-tech components, this quartz movement can last up to 18 years without requiring a visit to the watchmaker. If you sport the timepiece daily, expect a battery life of approximately 10 years. When the watch is not in motion, the gears, hands, and rotors pause. At that moment, the microprocessor kicks in and keeps track of time until the watch regains motion. Simply, this is a means to preserving battery life. 

The Elégante's crisp, white dial is surprisingly filled with luminous material; so much that the dial will illuminate mid-day even after the slightest exposure to bright light. To visualize, picture this watch with a green dial. Cool, isn't it?

Evidently, Journe produced this model in a plethora of vivd colors. My favorite: Blue!

Pricing starts at approximately 11,000 USD.

For further information, please visit www.fpjourne.com.