Watches in NYC: A collection of Upcoming Watch Events for the Aspiring Collector

May in New York is the Mardi Gras for watch lovers all around the world. Why? Well, in this fabulous month, NYC takes on a watch theme. First with Madison Avenue Watch Week, and then with Timecrafters 2014, I don’t think one city can get any better than this. Madison Avenue Watch Week, or MAWW, is a five day long event, starting on the fifth and ending on the tenth, where, generally by appointment or invitation, watch enthusiasts get a chance to spend some “paradise-like time” with the watches of their dreams. The event, run by the Madison Avenue Business Improvement District, offers a plethora of participating brands including Vacheron, FPJourne, Hublot, and Panerai, just to name a few. 
The other highlight of the month is Timecrafters 2014, a Basel-like event right in the center of New York. Similar to MAWW, Timecrafters will also feature the new collections of many world renowned brands, just on a larger scale. Entrance to Timecrafters will run you about twenty dollars at the door or ten dollars if you pre-register online. 
Luke Rottman (Executive Editor: