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[ForbesLife] This Exceptional Rolex Submariner from Cuba Could Be One-Of-A-Kind

Miraculously, in the midst of Fidel Castro’s rise to power (1959) and the Cuban government’s seizure of all personal effects and assets, a Rolex 6536 Submariner–co-branded by Joyeria Riviera–was smuggled out of Cuba. Click HERE to read more on ForbesLife.

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[ForbesLife] Celebrity Watch Dealer Robert Maron Launches Instagram's First "Pop-Up" Watch Shop

Robert Maron, a renowned figure in the international watch market, has recently launched Instagram’s first “Pop-Up” shop dedicated to watches. On a frequent basis, Maron (@bobmaron) will list multiple wristwatches....

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[ForbesLife] Watch Spotlight: An Ultra-Rare Rolex Blueberry GMT Master To Be Auctioned-Off At Antiquorum NYC

Today on ForbesLife, I take a look at an exceptional Rolex reference 1675 "Blueberry" GMT Master that will be auctioned-off, later this month, at Antiquorum. Click HERE to read the full story. 

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[ForbesLife] Two Classic Rolexes Perfect for a Tropical Getaway

Today on ForbesLife, I explain two brilliantly-hued Rolex watches: The Daytona Beach Turquoise Sodalite in white gold and the exceptionally rare reference 15238 "Stella" dial Date. Sure, they are utterly perfect for a tropical getaway; meanwhile, these classic timepieces aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they are also superb investments. Click HERE to read more at ForbesLife.

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[ForbesLife] Two Incredible Patek Philippe Wristwatches Star In Christie's Upcoming Dubai Sale

Patek Philippe has dominated the watch world for years. This independent watchmaking powerhouse has set record after record with its ultra-complicated timepieces, fetching hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars at auctions globally. Click HERE to read more at ForbesLife.

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ForbesLife: Strapped For Time

As men, we do not have many ways to accessorize. There are watches, cufflinks, and not much else. But you can of course bring some additional style to a wristwatch with a strap. Right? Whether it be a contemporary Rolex GMT Master on a vivid sky blue NATO or a vintage Blancpain Fifty Fathoms on a distressed Italian leather “Top Side-Stitch,” a strap is a superb way to give any watch a fresh look. So let’s take a look at the top three most popular strap styles in the vintage watch world today.

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(Photo Credit: Attila Aszodi)

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