Valentine's Day: The Perfect Watch For Her

Investment-wise, women's timepieces generally aren't worthwhile. Frankly, the same thinking applies to quartz timepieces. Yet on this occasion, I will be discussing one watch that, yes, is quartz and no doubt is for women. Girlfriends, wives, and about 110% of the women in our lives tend to find anything related to horology a hurdle of sorts--that's if they even bother purchasing a mechanical wristwatch. This Valentine’s Day, I feel it’s best to at least treat our favorite women to a watch which will appeal to all, regardless of how easygoing or elitist one may be when it comes to watches. So what's TWA's Valentine's Day 2015 top-pick? The Cartier Tank Américaine.

Cartier's elegant Tank Américaine has remained largely unchanged since its launch in the late eighties. Furthermore, most of today's offerings for women aren't as sublime as the Tank Américane. As an appreciator of fine vintage watches, I'm intrigued by the Américane's elongated case shape, exaggerated design, and its close resemblance to the legendary Tank Cintré, one of this manufacture's earliest Tank creations. 

This specific Cartier Tank Américaine is known as the “Small model” and it’s cased in 18 karat white gold. I find the scale-like bracelet to be hands-down the coolest particular on this wristwatch. Not only does the bracelet accentuate the “dressy” aesthetic, but also gives this timepiece a vintage feel. 

Bold Roman numerals adorn the dial in a rectangular fashion while blue steel hands sweep (or tick, in this instance) across the dial. Take notice of the flawless bezel, home to 48 brilliant-cut diamonds.

For a quartz movement, I’m impressed. Whether you purchase a Cartier, a Piaget, a Jaeger- LeCoultre, or any quartz watch from a Richemont company, you’re apt to get a superb quality quartz movement. To power this watch, Cartier utilizes their caliber 157 movement. 

I must warn you, Cartier's Tank Américaine does not come cheap: $45,000. My advise: Buy yourself a vintage watch and let her wear your watch on the weekends. For further information, please visit