News Flash: A Watch With Some Brains @Baselworld2014

Bremont has just presented the new A1 Mechanical Smartwatch--this is something that has never been done before by any, and I mean any, watch  or tech company. The watch's self-winding mechanism allows music to play directly from the inside of the watch (you've got fine piece of machinery and an iPod on your wrist). Also, the watch has a sphygmomanometer that activates once you tighten the strap. What is the purpose of this sphygmomanometer? Well, it basically just reads your blood pressure.

What does the watch adviser have to say? Creative, but not for me--if you want something more purposeful, treat yourself to a classic Bremont Chrono.  I guess I'm gonna call it a day and go look at some more traditional watches; this high tech stuff is too much for me. You can read, and see, more about this watch at 

Luke Rottman (Executive Editor: