A New British Take On An Old British Tourbillon @Baselworld2014

Arnold and Son, a famed British watch manufacturer founded in 1764, is celebrating their 250th anniversary at Baselworld with the release of the Double Tourbillon Escapement Dual Time watch. What’s so special about this watch? (Hint, hint: it’s in the name). Well, the work has, not one, but two 18 karat red gold tourbillon escapements, a revolutionary design in horology. This DDW, or double-dial watch, enables the wearer to view their current time and the time of any other location of their choice. So besides being a souped-up GMT watch with two t’s  (tourbillons) and two d’s (dials), it looks rather irresistible on the wrist. Yep, I said it’s irresistible, but just don’t eat it.

The beauty of this celebration of British heritage leaves the reference of a luxury behind, making this timepiece almost a necessity for the discerning collector.

Luke Rottman (Executive Editor: thewatchadviser.com)