A New Repeater in the Family @Baselworld2014

Patek has just introduced a new repeater to the line of “Grand Complications” models. The 5078R-001 is a new take on the older 5079J, a similar rose gold repeater. These two wristwatches are nearly identical, except when it comes down to the case size. The 5078R-001 comes in a more comfortable and wearable case size at 39mm, and the 5079J comes in a bulkier 41mm case. The repeating function of this updated Cal. R 27 PS self-winding movement is triggered by the watch’s discreet slide piece on the side of the case. The slide then activates the “cathedral” style gongs inside the movement, allowing the mechanism to creates its unique chime. Unless you are in la-la land, you’re out of your mind to wear this piece swimming, as the case only protects the movement from dust and some moisture.

If you want to show off your fine piece of master-watchmaking to your BFFs, you can pop off the full caseback and pop on the extra sapphire crystal exhibition caseback.  The watch is topped off with a simple and elegant off-white enamel dial.  Also, don’t be worried about winding your Patek 5078R-001 every second because with the sky-high price you paid, the brand was nice enough to throw in a 43-48 hour power reserve. What does The Watch Adviser have to say? Nicely done Mr. Stern; looking forward to a good year of well-dressed wrists.

Luke Rottman (Executive Editor: thewatchadviser.com)