Looking From A New Perspective of Vintage Watch Buying

A short while ago, we visited with Christie’s Vice President and Director of Private Sales,  Mr. Reginald Brack. In the weeks following our video with Brack, Christie’s team of top-notch watch specialists began working on an almost revolutionary project, The Watch Shop. The Watch Shop is an online version of Christies Private Sales that makes it easier for Christie’s international clientele to make their vintage purchases without the hassle of buying vintage and without having to fear replacement parts or shoddy movements, etc . Not only is Christie’s one of the largest auctioneers of new and vintage wristwatches, but Christie’s also holds numerous sale records for many of the world’s most important wristwatches from some of the world’s most sought-after brands. Just because you may not get the chance to be the bidder that breaks a Christie’s record, doesn’t mean you can’t buy from a watch from Christie’s.

The Watch Shop is as (relatively) affordable as it gets, unless you decide to pick up the Patek 5004 that they have up for sale ($200,000). There is a vast selection offered that includes everything from your must-have Omega Speedmaster ($4,000) to a super-cool and super-rare 1968 Rolex President with Spanish date disks ($15,000). To be frank (I was thinking about saying Franck. Get it?), The Watch Shop has something for everyone.

My favorites are the 1970 ref.1133 Heuer Monaco ($12,500) and a really, really awesome ref. 7024-3 Longines Divers watch from 1960 ($5,500). You can also view some clips of the watches at www.christies.com. Enjoy!

Luke Rottman (Executive Editor: thewatchadviser.com)