Xetum: A Watch Company to Watch

Don’t want to spend a fortune? Want quality? Want to impress the guys back at the office? Here’s the solution to your seemingly hopeless problem: Xetum. This California born and raised watch company produces a line of elegantly simple wristwatches that are made in Switzerland but designed in their San Francisco HQ. About ninety nine percent of Xetum’s watches fall in the sub-fifteen hundred dollar price range, making it financially easier to be the person that gets to say, “Hey, look at me. I own a Swiss watch!” Xetum is an exemplar of The Watch-American Dream--if there is such a thing. Xetum makes a total of ten watches, grouped into three separate collections: the Kendrick, the Tyndall, and the Stinson.

The Kendrick collection is the most affordable group of watches, as all of the models are priced at $995 USD. A step up from the Kendrick is the Stinson, a collection of three classic timepieces. The Stinson is offered in three dial variations, off-white; brown, and black—minimalist and versatile colors, and features an ETA 2824-2, self-winding, 25 jewel movement. 

The collection with the most prestige is the Tyndall. Xetum’s Tyndall is probably one of the most commonly seen Xetum’s around (seen in various fashion, watch, and news publications across the web). Additionally, the Tyndall collection holds the bulk of the variety when it comes to case materials, dial colors, and movement options. If you want to get plenty of compliments about what’s on your wrist, then a Xetum is the watch for you.

Luke Rottman (Executive Editor: thewatchadviser.com)

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