A Surprise From Baselworld Arrives @Timecrafters2014

The Geneva-based manufacturer, De Bethune, will be exhibiting their most highly appreciated piece of the year, the Dream Watch 5.2, at Timecrafters 2014, the largest luxury watch show in America. The Dream Watch 5.2 is a watch for an extraordinarily specialized client, one who is fond of fine horology and an individual who really wants to be under the radar when it comes to wearing a watch. David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet founded the brand in 2002, with the hopes of bringing to life a modern and artistic brand with a genre of watch-styling never before seen. This new addition to the De Bethune collection is the epitome of years of hard work and imaginative thinking. The 5.2 is equipped with a DB2144 manual wind movement that features hours, minutes, a standard moonphase indicator, and a five-day power reserve. Although, it may appear as if the brand’s focus is strictly geared toward aesthetics, I am truthfully telling you that it is not. De Bethune creates some of the most outstanding, in-house movements ever to walk or, better yet, tick on the face of this earth. Want to hear something that you don’t hear everyday? The precisely crafted movement of this timepiece is so accurate that, as long as you maintain your timepiece and treat it well, you don’t have to bother setting the moonphase indicator, as it is accurate to exactly 1,112 years.  I am sorry to say that you cannot purchase a 5.2 yet, but if you are hoping to, when the watch is released for public sale, expect a long wait and a price that has more digits then when you bought your car. This wristwatch and the rest of the 2014 De Bethune collection can be viewed at the Park Avenue Armory, Friday 16th-Sunday 18th.

Luke Rottman ( Executive Editor: thewatchadviser.com)