TWA's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Vintage Watch Edition (It's Not Too Late)

For many of us watch guys, watches aren't enough--especially around the holidays. Straps are a must-have, a watch roll is an imperative accessory, a high-grade loupe is equally invaluable, and a historically-accurate, brilliantly written watch book is an investment in itself. Here's my 2014 holiday gift guide.

1. Jean-Paul Menicucci Vintage Leather Watch Straps 

Jean-Paul's "Vintage Leather" straps have become almost legendary in the vintage watch business. Every dealer, every collector, and nearly every watch enthusiast I know keeps a selection of JP's straps on hand whether they're at home or on the road. These hand-crafted straps offer a quick and relatively inexpensive solution to changing the aesthetic of any watch.

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2. BULANG&SONS Dark Brown Watch Roll

I think we can all agree that stuffing our collection into our pockets isn't the brightest idea. So where can you safely fit those delicate and quite valuable vintage watches? A watch roll, of course. This rugged, leather watch roll manufactured by the online leather goods and watch retailer, BULANG&SONS, sure gets the job done. A soft suede interior offers a layer of scratch-protection for the watches while the leather exterior keeps the roll nice and stylish, ready for the next major GTG.

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3. Loupe System 

Photo courtesy of I.W. Magazine.

Ever since Loupe System was invented, there's been an emergence of a watch-worldwide obsession over the clarity of loupes. No, I am not joking. When I first got wind of the Loupe System, I knew I had to try this "magical" loupe out. And so I did...and boy was it an amazing experience. So if you're ready to invest 500 bucks in a loupe, Loupe System is definitely for you.

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4. "Patek Philippe Steel Watches" by John Goldberger 

Watch books are extremely useful when educating one's self about the history of a brand, the overall realm of horology, or a specific important watch. John Goldberger's "Patek Philippe Steel Watches" is the ultimate guide to the few rare and sought-after steel timepieces that Patek Philippe has produced throughout their 175-year history. The book is divided into sections, each section placing an emphasis on a specific type of steel wristwatch, such as chronograph wristwatches, amagnetic wristwatches, and waterproof wristwatches. There is simply no other watch book on this planet as remarkable as "Patek Philippe Steel Watches."

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