NOMOS Glashütte, and the Pros of Exploring the German Boutique-Brand Market:

What makes a boutique brand? Is it rarity, or the exclusivity of owning a piece? Is it a certain number of watchmakers constructing a particular kind of wristwatch? No. When you take a boutique brand down to its core, emotion is what makes it special. NOMOS Glashütte is one of those manufacturers that, in my opinion, invokes a feeling of passion and care. In other words, the development of their beautiful timepieces can be attributed to their devotion to, and love for, watchmaking. 

The Nomos Ahoi Atlantik 

NOMOS is a small German manufacture comprised of two hundred or so employees, tucked away in the small town of Glashütte, located in the eastern Ore Mountains. Glashütte has been recognized as the heart of the German watch industry for over one hundred and seventy years. Meanwhile, many manufacturers, such as NOMOS, have offered some of the highest quality timepieces the world over, usually at a more affordable price point than their competitors.

Movement View of Nomos' Lambda "Rosegold"

Yet we always seem to get wrapped up in the glamour of the Swiss market, shying away from our options and going for the gold, and as wonderful as feels to gawk at Patek Philippe's and diamond encrusted Rolex Daytona's from the comfort of our homes and offices, the truth is the luxury of owning one comes with a hefty price. This fact begs the question- why not go for silver? German silver, that is!

Go take a long look at NOMOS Glashütte and the numerous other boutique German manufacturers. They will sell you a hell of a timepiece, at an affordable price.