Swatch Group's Sales Boost After Sistem51 Release

The ultra-luxury watch and jewelery conglomerate, Swatch Group, has released the 100% Swiss made Sistem51 watch. This new all-mechanical wristwatch is one of the highest quality pieces the brand has ever produced and one of the most profitable pieces ever sold.

The watch is quite simple and features no complications, but it does contain a 90-hour power reserve--an exceptional feature for the price you pay. When it comes down to colors, the brand gives you a nice selection of either blue, black, red, or white,  right up Alexander Calder's alley. The Watch Adviser's pick would be the blue; it has a celestial/constellation-like dial design which is pretty sweet. I don't think you'll get a better price to value ratio than this from any other brand. You can purchase this new Swatch Sistem51 watch at select boutiques for around 150 Swiss Francs or 170 USD.

Luke Rottman (Executive Editor: