Ready To Make A Splash, Zodiac’s Sea Wolf Is Back.

Since 1882, Zodiac has strived to become one of the world’s most accomplished watch manufacturers and, frankly, I believe they have. Zodiac is a legit insider’s brand. What I mean by this is if you know Zodiac there’s really no doubt that you know your watches. No, you’re not going to find a Zodiac on the dude donning a Charvet shirt and a hand-folded Kiton tie. You’re going to find a Zodiac on the guy who’s out there in the wild, exploring the unexplored, and living life on the edge.

One of my all-time favorite watches just happens to be the Sea Wolf, a horological legend in the realm of deep-sea diving. Zodiac released the Sea Wolf in 1953, with the intention of bringing a top-quality tool watch to the non-militant, at an affordable price. Other than Rolex’s Oyster models, not many other wristwatches had the structural design to withstand the amount of underwater pressure as the Sea Wolf, making this watch so popular. Sadly, Zodiac stopped production of the Sea Wolf for many decades, leaving collectors yearning for something new. Come Spring 2015, Zodiac will bring us back the Sea Wolf, not only that, but the Super Sea Wolf, too! 

The Sea Wolf will be a larger, more contemporary 39 millimeters. Still, it will look almost identical to the original. Also, just to add to the vintage-diver look, the bezel will come in multiple variations. Sky-blue acrylic and steel are for sure, but as the launch nears, Zodiac will announce the other colors and materials. Additionally, it houses a STP-1-11 movement, a mass-produced time and date-only movement complemented by a 44-hour power reserve. Details will remain limited for both watches until further notice. 

Luke Rottman (Executive Editor: