Introducing The Octa Sport Titanium By F.P.Journe

In June of 2011, F.P.Journe unveiled the Centigraphe Sport: The first, and only all-aluminum wristwatch to ever be proffered to the public. The ability to manufacture a wristwatch with a feather-like weight coupled with post-contemporary looks was a distinction for Journe and a horological coup.


Due to the popularity of the Centigraphe Sport and by the request of clientele, following its release, Journe launched his second “all-aluminum” wristwatch: The Octa Sport. As did the Centigraphe Sport, the Octa Sport (aluminum) thrived in an intimate and prosperous market for independently made timepieces. Once again, this resulted in the creation of yet another watch bound for success.

Today, I’m pleased to introduce the newest edition to the lineSport collection, the Octa Sport Titanium. Conceived of grade 5 Titanium, an unbelievably light, but durable material, there’s no doubt this watch is well suited for any sort of physical activity. The 70 gram total mass (70 grams on bracelet, 60 grams on rubber strap) is achieved through the use of aluminum alloy for the construction of the dial and movement—a departure for Journe, as most of his “standard” movements are red gold. 


Akin to the other Octa movements, the caliber FPJ 1300-3 boasts a day/night indicator, a power reserve indicator at 10:00, a subsidiary seconds, and central hours and minutes. The Octa Sport also has a 120 hour, or 5-day, power reserve that features a Titanium and Tungsten rotor.

For $27,500 on rubber strap or $32,000 on Titanium bracelet, the Octa Sport Titanium can be purchased from select boutiques. As The Watch Adviser, I’m partial to the Titanium bracelet. Not only do the aesthetics strike me, but, from past experiences, Journe’s bracelets are far more comfortable on the wrist than the straps. Unsure? Buy both.

Luke Rottman (Executive Editor: