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Time Well Spent: An Interview with Michael Morgan

My good friend, and colleague, Michael Morgan, has garnered a favorable reputation dealing in top-condition vintage Rolex sports models. Michael has also amassed a fairly impressive, yet focused, personal collection comprised of classic Rolexes....

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Three, Important Steel Sports Watches Offered In Christie's Upcoming Hong Kong Sale

With Patek Philippe's 175th anniversary celebrations, watch releases, and auction behind us, I think it's about time we return to reality and explore other watches, from other brands. Christie's will be holding a Hong Kong sale later this month which will feature a fine array of vintage and contemporary timepieces, ranging from incredibly sought-after enamel dial Vacheron Constantin....

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HANDS-ON: The Tudor Heritage Ranger

The Tudor Heritage Ranger is one of the most practical, simple and infrangible watches around. Back in the 1950’s, as Rolex’s Explorer started to transform into the legendary 1016, Tudor created their own variation of the Explorer: the Ranger. Throughout the years ensuing the launch of the Ranger, trends in watches changed, causing Tudor to basically ditch the original Ranger design for something a tad more modern. Finally, after a considerable amount of time, Tudor has revived the Ranger and, this time, the Ranger is no one hit wonder. 

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