Hublot-Sponsored Floyd Mayweather Loses His Welterweight Title from the Fight of the Century

After failing to pay the World Boxing Organization's mandatory, three percent sanctioning fee, Floyd Mayweather was stripped of the title he won in his fight against then-injured Manny Pacquiao just two months prior. Hublot, who forked over one million dollars solely to ensure their name would be printed on Mayweather's boxing trunks, surely couldn't be content with Mayweather's behavior at this point in time. For a guy who received an astounding $180 million for a single fight, yet vehemently refused to pay his dues, he is certainly not a good representation of Hublot nor the rest of his sponsors.

Apart from the financial benefits [for May] associated with Mayweather's Hublot partnership, he also was gifted a special-edition Hublot timepiece: The King Power WBC Full Pavé with Emeralds. Not to mention, his reported net worth is well in excess of $500 million, making the sanctioning fee a mere .108 percent of his total assets.

Will Hublot further sponsor Mayweather? If he continues to act in this manner, I highly doubt it. Nonetheless, Money May reigns in the ring.