Friday Morning Read: Talking Time with Luke Rottman—The Watch Adviser

When my buddy Toralf Andersson posed a question to me, asking if I would grant him an interview, I was not only flattered, but I was also very happy to respond to his request with a big yes! London-based Toralf is most definitely a vintage watch geek, currently blogging through his newly-launched site Talking Time. Tor's daily activities include anything and everything horological-related. You can find him attending various auctions in the U.K. or sitting down with a multitude of friends discussing watches at his favorite food joint, Le Relais De Venise, in Marylebone. Apart from his blog, he's a dealer who specializes in cool sports watches from the 50's through the 70's. I figured that if you're going to visit his site and read a bit, why not read about yours truly?

For direct access to "Talking Time with Luke Rottman—The Watch Adviser," please click HERE to follow the link.