What’s Trending? And Where to Buy It.

What’s been trending recently when it comes to watches? Well, if I had the time, I would give you a hundred-page answer, but I’ve got a test to study for so I’ll make it quick. For a while, three years to be exact, I have always looked at people’s wrists before I even say hi to them. Yes, it may sound weird, but that’s what a watch addiction does to you. The athletes in my school wear G-Shocks, the tech-types wear Timex’s or Casio calculator watches (which I’m quite fond of), and the trendy fashionistas wear their “out-of-this-world” Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart watches. Then, there is me, a kid who caught the watch bug a lot earlier than most. To sum it up, kids these days need to learn a bit more about the mechanical watch.

On the other hand, I have seen some interesting things on my weekend “trips.” The Avenue in Greenwich, Connecticut, is not exactly Madison Avenue when it comes to watches, but it sure comes close. Besides the exotic sports cars, you’ll still find a nice collection of ultra-luxury haute horology. You can find some new, and vintage, timepieces in Betteridge Jewelers. The collection includes every Patek there is, a few Langes, a ton of Rolexes, and a bunch from the Richemont Group.

Betteridge’s neighbor is Manfredi Jewels, a home away from home for me. Manfredi features a vast array of Swatch Group Brands, AP’s, Franck Muller’s, Journe’s, a super-awesome Richard Mille and some nice treasures from Patek’s bro, Vacheron Constantin. What’s on the wrists of the residents of Greenwich? Something you’ve probably never seen in a single town before. The list goes on and on forever. Vintage Patek, Panerai, and Rolex are some of the top choices on the Ave. I’ve got to admit that adults rule when it comes to watches.  At least some people have good taste.
It’s study time.
Luke Rottman (Executive Editor: thewatchadviser.com)

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