A Favorite From 2013: A Diving Legend

Today, I looked at a relatively old Tudor Heritage Black Bay. The watch was first introduced in mid-2013 when Rolex brought Tudor back to the U.S.  This rugged, but elegant, sports watch is nearly identical to the original Rolex Submariner 5508 (and the exceptionally rare 1954  ref.7922 Tudor Sub), a watch seen in various James Bond movies. The iconic “no crown guard” case and the broken-in leather band all add to the vintage feel of the watch. I would recommend purchasing this watch if you wish to make a reliable investment.  The list price is around $3100 but varies depending on your choice of leather strap or metal band. Either way, you’ll still get an extra fabric, nato-like strap to wear on a casual day. Overall, the watch is quite durable and can withstand plenty of watch-trauma without having to go to the watch-doctor. The Black Bay has become increasingly popular among watch “connoisseurs” in the United States and Asia. I would love to wake up every day and strap the Tudor Heritage Black Bay on my wrist.

One last thing: I suspect that the Tudor Heritage Black Bay will become the 6239 of diving watches in the near future...no joke.
Luke Rottman (Executive Editor: thewatchadviser.com)

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