Color-In Your Collection

Over four decades ago, Hamilton launched the first edition of the Pan Europ, a modestly priced, polychromatic, racing chronograph with striking aesthetics, and a world renowned Caliber 11 movement, that may very have helped to ensure this watch’s success. Today, I had the chance to see Hamilton’s newest version of the Pan Europ which, though lacking a chronograph, is likely to be one of the most wallet-friendly, new, racing wristwatches on the market. The case is notably slim, considering the watch is a relatively large 42 millimeters in diameter. The wristwatch, in general, has a seriously smooth, sleek finishing, which not only gives a cleaner appearance, but also augments its comfort while on the wrist. The watch is powered by a caliber H-30 movement that features an 80-hour power reserve. 

It is clear that Hamilton has proved successful in retaining the iconic looks of the original Pan Europ, but with a slightly modern twist.  Evidently, this can be seen in the narrow, bright blue 12-hour bezel, the compact, retro cushion case shape, and even in the multi-colored leather racing strap. For $1,095 on a cloth strap and $1,145 on the leather strap, you shouldn’t have to think twice about getting a hold of this one. For sure, it’ll brighten up your day.

Luke Rottman (Executive Editor: