The Rolexes I Dream To See At Basel World 2015

Rolex's Basel World booth.

As Basel World 2015 nears, there are three brands that I will be notably watching: Omega, Patek Philippe, and Rolex. Rolex happens to be my best-loved attendee of the annual Basel World Fair and is surely on my list of all-time favorite Swiss manufacturers. Last year's presentation from Rolex was enticing, though slightly disappointing. For instance, I adored the Stella-inspired Day-Dates. On the other hand, the Skydwellers didn't suit my taste, as they were just too flashy. Rolex hasn't yet exhibited any clues to what they will be releasing come Basel 2015, but I certainly know what I'd hope to see from their Geneva-based factory. 


Like most vintage Rolex fans, I would anticipate the reedition of an early Daytona not only to be a tremendous success, yet a major [positive] change in Rolex's lineage. Plus, I'd be super eager to get my hands on one. Ideally, this Daytona would use the same high-grade steel--and undergo equivalent manufacturing processes--as all currently-produced Rolexes. The only distinction would be the vintage inspiration found in the case shape, pushers, dial configuration, and the overall execution of what components go where. Expectedly, Rolex would boost the retail on a limited edition piece, but a modern representation of an iconic, vintage Rolex would be well worth spending a couple extra bucks.


A Rolex Datejust 6605 Steel.

In addition to the Daytona, a different variation of today's Datejust would be a pleasant surprise. I do like the heft of the modern Datejust, although one with slimmer lugs, a more refined aesthetic, and similar feel to the DJ references of the 1950's and 1960's would attract a market of first-time modern Rolex buyers (a.k.a. vintage Rolex collectors). My personal Rolex Datejust, a reference 1603 (circa 1972) featuring an attractive slate-blue dial, is the centerpiece of my collection. Imagine if I could walk into an authorized Rolex dealer and pick up an identical watch completely brand-new? Now that would be a sight to see.

Remember guys, these are just my wishes as a collector, blogger, dealer, and a guy with a strong passion for Rolex. Most likely, Rolex won't recreate the 6239, 6265, other legendary Daytona's or even the 1601, 6305, and other models from the Datejust family. But we can always dream....