A Note From the Editor: Celebrating One Year of THE WATCH ADVISER

2015 is only days away and I couldn't be more excited to announce the one year anniversary of TWA. Hard work, determination, and a longtime passion for horology led to the establishment of this now go-to source for wristwatch news, reviews, in-depth stories, and interviews. In early December of last year, I wanted to take my small-time vintage watch trading business to another level; hence, the idea of launching a watch blog. I debated over whether to name my blog "The Watch Post," "The Watch Stop," or "The Watch Adviser." I chose the latter, and then everything took off from there. Sure THE WATCH ADVISER is a catchy name, but my focus wasn't entirely aimed towards marketing my site or making it 'look good.' Instead, my attention was directed at providing my readers with the best content I possibly could. Till this day, even with a strong monthly following of 10,000 unique-visitors, bringing superb content to TWA comes first and foremost. My horological adventure is just beginning and I strive to share every single moment of it with you: My friends, readers, fellow bloggers, watch dealers, and watch manufacturers. Here's to many more great years of THE WATCH ADVISER!

All the Best,                                                                                                                                           Luke Rottman                                                                                                                              Executive Editor                                                                                                                                    THE WATCH ADVISER