Time Well Spent: An Interview with Isaac Hannosh

Isaac Hannosh has been at the helm of the renowned WWT Watch and Jewelry Show for longer than I've been in this business. He also happens to be a passionate collector of important vintage watches and a fine-jewelry guru of sorts. Today on THE WATCH ADVISER, with great pleasure, I present, Time Well Spent: An Interview with Isaac Hannosh.

THE WATCH ADVISER: What sparked your passion for watches and when and where did this occur?

Isaac Hannosh: "My passion for watches has long been a naturally connection. Many say I have a meticulous and complex nature so I guess I am a perfect fit for horology. I would say that my first bite from the bug was around the age of 6, I am now 29 years old. Whenever my father would give us a quarter for the candy machines, I would instead go for the cheesy toy watch or plastic neck chain. I am a first generation jeweler in my family and grew up pretty rough after my father's death in 1995 so I did not have much money to experiment with when it all started. I have always loved watches and jewelry. I became a jeweler in 2004 and have since worked my way up in the industry learning from some great guys through the trade shows and in my local area. My first watch show was an NAWCC/WWT show in Dearborn Michigan. That was in 2004 and I haven't looked back since! In fact, I am now the current president and co-owner of the WWT shows!"

TWA: What was your first great watch?

IH: "My first "great watch" is my Omega constellation Pie pan with the Cal 561 movement. I, of course, have gone on to sell some of the most expensive and sought after modern and vintage wristwatches around, but this modest Omega has remained in my possession till this day and will go to my son who is now 6 years old and starting his own business "The Unearthed Time Co". Makes me proud that he is following my steps and enjoys the same watches and quirky things that I do!"

TWA: What watches are currently in your collection? 

IH: "I have passed my vintage watch collection on to my son. I learned very quickly in this industry that it is difficult to be a collector and dealer at the same time in terms of liquidity of capital. If I fell in love with every piece I came across I would not have lasted as long as I have been in this business full time. It is a delicate balance. By the way, my favorite vintage Rolex is the Paul Newman ref 6263 in steel. GORGEOUS."

TWA: What watches do you predominantly collect and admire and why?

IH: "I love vintage Rolex, Omega, Hamilton, and LeCoultre. I also dig vintage Patek far more than any modern timepieces. These manufactures also had very humble beginnings and that to me is such an amazing thing. To see an individual take an idea, his craft, and transform it into a major company is wonderful. 

TWA: Do you see any watch acquisitions in your new future, if so please specify?

IH: "I will always buy, sell and trade watches. My inventory will always turn over and change. But if I ever get my hands on another Rolex 6062 triple calendar moon phase, it will stay with me LOL. I regret the one I sold back in 2010 but the money was right...really cool, little watch with so much character." 

TWA: What is your Grail watch?

IH: "Gosh, I love so many brands...models...but If i have to choose just one, it would be the Patek Ref 6104G-001 Grand Complications Celestial. Why? for me personally, it combines two of my favorite things--horology and jewelry. The impressive complications coupled with masterfully set diamonds, packaged together is one amazing horological piece of art. You asked for grail, that is mine! I have never owned this watch but plan to in the near future...."