On the Web: A Tropical Rolex 6538 Complete with Box and Papers

The most expensive Rolex listed on Chrono24 is a Submariner. Shocking, no? This ultra-tropical big-crown Sub, priced at a whopping $511,659, is offered by Swiss Pro seller Vintage Watches International GmbH & Company. I might add, this is no garden-variety 6538 that may sell for $100,000-$200,000.

With the inclusion of the original box (and outer box), warranty card dated 1959, original Rolex papers, and Rolex's distinct steel anchor, that half-million-dollar price tag is easily justifiable.

Quite frankly, I'm not in love with this dial. Although I'm crazy for chapter ring gilt dials, this particular example simply doesn't "wow" me. It's overly-tropical; the gloss dial's sheen has faded away, leaving a burnt light brown coloration. Nonetheless, the case is fantastic. The chamfers (bevels) are pronounced, leading me to believe that this watch is in unpolished condition. 

The hour plots, and hands alike, have taken on an even, ecru patina.  The once-pitch-black bezel has faded to white, encircled by grey/black .

For further information on what may be the world's most expensive Submariner,  click HERE.