Photo Report: The Rolex Sports Watches of Ed Ticheli

Last Sunday, I hopped on a plane and flew down to Miami for a week-long watch dealing extravaganza. Throughout my stay, I acquired some amazing vintage Rolexes and I had the incredible opportunity to get a hands-on look at Ed Ticheli's personal watch collection. 

In contrast to most Rolex collections, Ed's isn't varied; instead, he has an extraordinarily focused collection comprised of mostly GMTs and Submariners. Furthermore, Ed wears ALL of his watches; he never stores watches in the safe for decades, as collectors often do. Not to mention, he also has a killer vintage guitar collection (we're talking about '57 Goldtop Les Paul's, 1960's Strats, and numerous Martin acoustics dating back to the 1930's). Just to put it out there, he's the proud owner of the FIRST known 6239 . Ed, often regarded in the watch business as "Uncle T", is one cool dude.