Photo Report: Christie's June 17th New York "Important Watches" Sale

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I guess you can say this photo report is worth 43,000 words! As much as I would love to intrigue you with my oh-so wonderful writing, I'm sure you'll enjoy this [digital] preview of Christie's June 17th "Important Watches" Sale just as well. This time around, Christie's will offer a handful of Pateks not typically found in a New York sale, such as the 1518 and the 2499. Although there's an absence of Day-Dates, Datejusts, and other quintessential Rolex pieces, early Daytonas and important Submariners will hit the block. Eric, John, and Reginald did a fabulous job sourcing many top-condition watches, including the unpolished 6538 and the like-NOS 16520 "Patrizzi" Daytona, and I applaud them for that.  Best of luck, and happy bidding!