Introducing the De Bethune DB25T Zodiac

De Bethune is one of the few high-end watch manufacturers to remain independent yet achieve extraordinary success. Just today, at a private event held in Geneva, De Bethune officially launched their DB25T Zodiac. This elaborate timepiece exhibits the sheer complexity behind watchmaking and the artistry of dial-making. 

David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet, De Bethune co-founders, sought inspiration for the DB25T Zodiac from Europe's historic clock towers. Throughout the years, past horologists have too found inspiration in these grand, ticking structures. 

From afar, I'd never notice the differences between this De Bethune timepiece and the rest of the company's creations. However, up close, the uniqueness of this piece is apparent. Also, when it comes to the dial, a strong emphasis has evidently been placed on intricate detailing, but I do appreciate the fact that De Bethune has stayed true to their roots by maintaining a level of simplicity and understated elegance. 

A fine, silver-toned guilloché finishing has been applied to the dial's center portion. Encompassing this area is a blue titanium ring inlaid with hand-engraved gold inserts portraying the 12 zodiac signs. The third, and outer, ring is a basic 60-minute track.

For a closer look at the dial, please view the photograph below.

The DB25T Zodiac's impeccable, 44 millimeter white gold case balances on two pairs of lugs. Since this concept may be unfamiliar to you, I must elaborate. The case isn't fully attached to the lugs and actually has the ability to pivot, according to the position of the wearer's wrist. This unusual function ensures maximum comfort and increases the watch's resistance to shock that can stem from sudden or unexpected motion. 

The most impressive attribute of De Bethune's DB25T Zodiac is the in-house calibre DB2109. This 30 millimeter, hand-wound mechanical movement features a four-day power reserve,  a tourbillon, and 320 hand-finished components. 

Listen, there's not much out there like it, so why not add De Bethune's new DB25T Zodiac to your collection? I sure would.

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