HANDS-ON: Dizzy Hands From Richard Mille @Timecrafters2014

Today, I spent time with one of the brands that has most inspired me in my watch-blogging journey. Richard Mille, the swiss company that sponsors many famous athletes such as Rafael Nadal, has recently introduced the new RM 63-01, known as “Dizzy Hands,” at SIHH 2014. Luckily, this watch made a stop at Timecrafters for me and many other journalists, who did not get the chance to attend SIHH, to see. At first, this watch made me think of Le Temps Suspendu, a 2011 release from Hermes, but I immediately knew the RM 63-01 was a watch made to a much higher standard. The creation of this watch is based off the French poem Le Temps, a poem that discusses playing or controlling time. And so what is the purpose of this watch? To play with time.

By pressing the center crown pusher, you trigger a disk underneath the crystal to rotate counterclockwise and the hour hand to move clockwise at a faster speed, allowing the watch to virtually suspend time.

Once the pusher is pressed a second time, regardless of how long ago you suspended the time, the time will, almost magically, change to the current time. The movement of the watch is cased in two metals, titanium and gold (titanium between two gold layers on either side of the case…almost like a sandwich). Also, the watch can be bought on a white or black strap, both composed of RM’s special rubber.The price is right for this guy at only $120,000, a relatively low price for the value you’re getting. I would recommend this watch for the person who loves fine watchmaking, but who doesn’t care about banging around their watch. Well, it’s a pretty hard watch to hurt (it’s been proven), just don’t try it at home.

Luke Rottman (Executive Editor: thewatchadviser.com).