A Visit with Nomos pre-Basel @Baselworld2014

Nomos is a hidden treasure in Glashutte, Germany. This small, young company produces what I would consider some of the finest watches around—and the costs are quite modest. Let’s start with the Tangente Gangreserve. This $2760 dress watch comes with everything you need: hours, minutes, seconds and a little treat, a power reserve indicator. It comes in stainless steel, crisp and elegant, no gold, no platinum, nothing. If I saw a guy wearing one, I’d know that he knows his watches.

My favorite, the Lambda Rosegold, is one of the more expensive models from the manufacture’s collection (it’ll run you about $18500). This evidently German-designed wristwatch gives prominence to a hand polished and engraved movement that looks as if it was a contrivance of Hugo Cabret. When I flipped the watch over to the dial, a feeling of delight came over me. There’s just something about this watch that makes me smile.

No matter if you’re a Chronometer Packrat or a first-time watch buyer, Nomos has got something for you.

Luke Rottman (Executive Editor: thewatchadviser.com)

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