The Disappearance Of The Tri-Colored Wristwatch

Where did they go? Why did they go out of production? These are some of the questions I asked myself when I ran into a “Vintage Cartier Tank Tri-Coloured” wristwatch while I was scrolling through upcoming lots on Christie’s website. These “Tri-coloured” or tri-colored watches are actually pretty rare. I have only seen two examples of this design.

The first example is the Rolex Tridor. One thing I have noticed, after reading tons of discussions about this watch on Rolex forums, is that whenever one of these pops up in the market, the authenticity is almost always questioned. It seems as if nobody trusts people with Rolex Tridors. Rolex used an awesome blend of white gold, yellow gold, and their secretly made Everose gold. I would definitely put the Rolex Tridor on the list of my top-twenty favorite watches. It may not seem like a great accomplishment to get into the top-twenty list of my favorite watches, but in order to do so you’d have to create one badass watch.
The next and final example of a tri-colored watch is the aforementioned Cartier Tri-Coloured Tank. Since seeing this watch, I have officially joined the “vintage Cartier Tank is my favorite watch club.” This is an awesome example of a mechanical Cartier in mint condition that even has its original bracelet. In my book, I would not consider this to be tri-colored simply because the bracelet has only yellow and white gold, but no rose or pink gold. Even with this minor problem, a two tone “gold on gold” watch is something you don’t see everyday.
Luke Rottman (Executive Editor:

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