The Dark Side of The Moon


Yesterday, I went to Omega in the Westchester Mall (White Plains, NY) to stop by, say hi, and look at some watches. I stood outside the store to look in the window display, and I saw an all-black speedmaster. Then, I remembered that I saw this watch a few months ago when it was just a prototype. Omega calls it: The Dark Side of The Moon. The watch’s buckle, case, and dial are 100% ceramic. In addition, the hands and markers are solid 18k white gold. This piece also features a beautifully finished cal.9300 chronograph movement. This watch is something every collector has to see (even if you’ve never touched an omega in your life). If you’ve got $12,000 in your pocket to spend today, I recommend that you go to your nearest Omega boutique (not authorized dealer) and purchase this watch. There have been few produced so far and even fewer in the United States. The asking price: $12,000. The Omega in the Westchester Mall has one of these in their safe (for sale) and the prototype from Baselworld in there case (for display).
-L. Rottman (Executive Editor:

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